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Gentry-Jones ft. Mr Sam

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Gentry-Jones ft. Mr Sam, Pop/R&B Music, Published 10/20/14
Gentry-Jones featuring Mr. Sam (GJS) residing in Memphis TN has several projects out individually but when they came together they were able to create a sound like no other. In the first month of coming together they have created a number one line dance song entitled “Roll It Roll It” which was number one on the American Blues Network (ABN) charts for three weeks straight. Gentry-Jones Feat Mr. Sam has a very unique sound yet not locked down to any certain genre. On their new CD there are songs with a crossover into the R&B, SOUTHERN SOUL, BLUES, DANCE, JAZZ and even POP. Their first single release “Roll It Roll It” will have you dancing from the first time you hear the music playing but don’t get stuck on that because coming next month is their second release “WE RIDE” is due to hit the street late 2014
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