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Venu Vangueety

The Midnight Hour Radio Show 

Vangueety, Spiritual Pop 

Venu Vangueety is an accomplished and talented musician who enjoys fusing together musical sounds that he has heard on his many travels from around the world. However, in his living around the world, that gave him the ability to successfully express himself in ways that his fans have come to love and enjoy. Venu was first introduced to music when he was a young child; he had the opportunity to study with a skilled flutist when his father was stationed at a post in Delhi, India and that was when he found what would become his life obsession. Nonetheless he was to attempt a future in European Football; but upon him loosing most of his vision, he detoured into becoming a computer teacher and continues to teach many by example. However, he went on to travel to London and later to the United States of America to join his wife and pursue his music. That is where he now resides and calls home until more pages turn in this chapter of his life.
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