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The Midnight Hour Radio Show

Top 40 Music, Celebrity Interviews, Fashion,

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Over 88,944,980 plus Listeners Weekly Worldwide in Six Continents. Now listening in Canada, France, England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Ghana, Ireland, United States, Senegal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia, Russia, India, Japan, Madagascar, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Phillipines, South Africa, Comlombia, Gambia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and More .

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The Midnight Hour Radio Show Week Twelve. Top 40 Music, Celebrity News, Fashion, Singer Lana Burton, Singer A'LONNA, and Spoken Word Artist Unique Angel Nelson. Screenworks Entertainment(c)2013. All Rights Reserved. September 28, 2013.(1:42:37)   If you cannot view this video please click here

Walter Miller, Tatoo Artist, Black Ink Crew VH1

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Tonya Kelly

Guest: Tonya Kelly, Designer, Singer, JADE, Los Angeles California
Show: The Midnight Hour Radio Show
Season One Episode Fourty-One SE1E41
Show Date: April 19, 2014
Show Time: 10:00pm- 12am EST
Interview Time: 10:40 pm- 10:55 pm EST
                         07:40 pm- 07:55 pm PST

Ashley N. Lewis

Guest: Ashley N. Lewis, TV Personality, Los Angeles California

Show: The Midnight Hour Radio Show

Season One, Episode Thirty-Two SE1E32

Show Date: February 16, 2014

Show Time: 10pm-12am EST

Interview Time: 10:40 pm- 10:55 pm  EST

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